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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our training/ martial arts and provide the answers here.

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I have no experience with MMA or Muay Thai, can I train here?

YES!!! Most of our students have started at our club with no prior experience. When you come for your first day please let us know that you are a beginner so we can have our head instructor go over the fundamentals with you.


Can I try a class before starting?

Of course, first class is always free and right now we are offering a free week trial starting on mondays and tuesdays.

If we have a spot available in our membership we allow people to try it before sigining up.


What if I am not in shape?

Everyone should consult with a physician before entering into any physical activity however, the classes are self paced and with consistent training you will increase stamina, build muscle definition and lose weight and your intensity will improve as you are comfortable.


What equipment do I need to start?

If you have equipment then please bring it with you on your first day of class and if you don't, then we have "Gym equipment" which is intended for the use of our first timers to see if they are interested in becoming a member.

Required for class is: 12-16 oz. boxing gloves, shin guards.


Do I have to fight to train here?

NO! None of our members are required to fight or spar. You can learn the techiques without ever having to hit or be hit by someone.

However we do have a FIGHT TEAM that competes on a regular basis in MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing competitions and if interested please let our instructor know.


Can women and children train here?

Yes!!! Women and children are encouraged to train at our club.  Children over the age of 12 years old are welcome to train in our classes with parental consent.


Why do you limit your membership?

We are unique and unlike any other fight gym or fitness facility in Western Massachusetts.

Our exclusive membership creates a very personal, individualistic style training and puts our members on a fast- paced learning of our curriculum. Every member gets solid one-on-one time with our Head Instructor making for a more complete understanding of all the techniques taught at our club. All of our members train as if they are professional fighters whether they are choosing to compete or not.

In more simple terms; we do it this way because our members get more out of their training, they are happier, and it is the "Thai" way to have a personal connection with your trainer.

8. Do you offer private classes?

Our normal scheduled classes are group based classes while the "pad work" classes are for everyone to work one on one with our head Instructor in a group setting.

We also have private classes available with members of our Fight Team and our Head Instructor- thats right, you can learn fight techniques from people who actually fight in the ring and/or cage. This is a great way to learn the techniques faster as you get 100% dedicated time one on one with a professional instructor.